a little bit about leo

I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve sat across from a potential boss in a job interview with no answer to the seemingly straight forward and generic question: “Who is Leora?”

What is it about job interviews that shoot all reason, logical thought and correct use of language out the window? The question is simple enough yet try as I might, I can never formulate a response.

Leora Bitonti is a 22 year old administration manager working in real estate.

Leora Bitonti likes to eat. Does not have a sweet tooth and loves the beach.

Leora is a loving daughter, sister and girlfriend to some incredible people.

On the weekends Leora likes to read, play with make up, and zip around in her cute little car.

All correct statements, none of them the correct answer to the question. I know what I like and I certainly know what I don’t. I know what I do for a living, I know my name and a little about my family tree. Stick all these together and throw in some eloquent language and I think I’ve got just enough to move on. The answer is, all of the above, lock it in Eddie, next question please. 

The interview concludes with a strong hand shake and a promise to get in touch, so it’s in my car and back home for me. This leaves approximately an hour and 17 minutes of peak hour traffic, in which I can either hurl silent profanities at the rest of the rude commuters cutting me off, or ask myself the previously presented question.

Sorry for those of you holding your breath, I’m yet to come up with an adequate answer. Here’s what I know.

My parents raised two vastly different individuals. My brother, a tremendously intelligent and rational 20 year old, studying Law at one of Sydney’s most prestigious universities. And me. Leora. Leora? A forever questioning, irrational and fiery girl who dropped out of uni to try and figure it all out.

I know that all the best decisions I’ve made in my short life have been the scariest and most impulsive. My decision to leave university, my decision to drop everything, use up all my savings and fly across the globe with no notice. All of them, were open to debate by the people surrounding me, and had I listened to the pessimists I would be a whole other Leora, probably with a whole different set of questions.

So here I am, at ‘Leo Bit of Leo’ my platform to explore the creative side of myself, pushed aside for fear of failure and rejection  A chance for me to be more than just Leora the administrator questioning everything, and for me to just go, do, be everything that I enjoy and hopefully one day have an answer to that age old question.


Until next time!

Leo x

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