Hi , I’m Leora, and A Leo Bit of Leo is my personal passion project, a way for my every day to consist of more than waking up, heading on to my 9 to 5 and repeating, the next day and for all the days after.

Though I love to travel, I am the ultimate homebody, nothing makes me happier than crisp white sheets, no place to be, felt tip pens in my favourite colours, a cup of earl grey with Scotch Fingers (the whole packet) an exquisitely decorated space and the coast, any coast, I don’t care where it is, if it has blue shores, white sand seashells and a breathtaking sunset I’ll find it.

A Leo Bit of Leo is a way for me to explore my creative side, write about what I love, travel, beauty, food and wellness. I hope to connect with as many wonderful and like minded individuals as I can.


For all enquiries, or if you’d just like to say ‘Hi’ my emails live at:



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